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Facebook customer care Number

Facebook customer care Number

Facebook is the one of the biggest social networking website. Billions of the peoples are using this network and connected by this app. This app is quite vulnerable as technology is used in this app is not of high Class. Due to this reason you have seen the hacking issues with the different accounts. Over the time Facebook face so many hacking issues and over the time it have secured the system and user data.

Facebook customer care Number
Facebook customer care Number

For the general query you can contact on this number: https://www.facebook.com/help/

You can join the community there are several question asked  may be you have the similar issue with your account, you can ask any issues or question in the comunity. You can join the conversation here https://www.facebook.com/help/community/

You can read the basic privacy policy of the FB to know more about the  Facebook. Facebook is not providing the live chat support you can reach through the mobile.

TO call direct to the Facebook customer care Number you can call on this number: 650-543-4800

You can Send the emails or query or any security issue you can mail us: [email protected]

About Facebook:

Facebook is started by the Mark Zuckerberg and with their friends in 2004. First it was only for the Harvard University. But later in 2005 it was available for worldwide. Due to unique features it has become so popular among the community.


About Customer Service Number

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