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Kotak Bank Customer Care Number

Kotak Bank Customer Care Number

Kotak Mahindra Bank is definitely an Indian private sector banking institution that is headquartered in Mumbai. It received permission in the RBI in 2003 to begin its formal banking activity. Bank customers care service always have a wide range of queries to inquire about of the bank – maybe it’s a query regarding how to sign in to NetBanking or possibly how you can report a stolen charge card. For all kinds of enquiry, you are able to approach the Kotak Mahindra charge card customer care toll-free number or general enquiry number for help by using the customer care toll free number.


Kotak Mahindra Bank includes a general enquiry number for all sorts of queries. For those who have a particular question regarding your Kotak charge card, you are able to contact the dedicated customer care  number for charge card enquiries.


Here is a listing of Kotak Mahindra Bank Customer care toll free number(for general enquiries) and Kotak Mahindra Charge Card Customer care Service figures (for queries associated with charge cards).


Kotak Mahindra Bank Charge Card customer care Toll-free Number


Kotak Mahindra Bank Customer Service 24 x 7 customer care Toll-free number: 1860 266 2666


Charge Card Helpline Number: 1860 266 2666

Kotak Mahindra Bank Charge Card  Customer care Service – Worldwide customer care Toll-Free Figures


If you’re a holder of Kotak Mahindra Bank charge card and traveling outdoors India, you are able to contact the financial institution easily in situation associated with a emergency like losing a card or any forex-related query. NRI Customers and Kotak Multi Currency World Travel Card customers can call the next particular customer care toll-free figures in situation associated with a eventuality.


ALL Country Kotak Customer Service Number


USA Customer Service Number                              1855 365 6767


Australia Customer Service Number                      001180044990000


Canada Customer Service Number                        18557684020


UK Customer Service Number                                0080044990000


Singapore Customer Service Number                    8001013054


Hong Kong Customer Service Number                  00180044990000



Kotak Customer Care Number Uttar Pradesh

Kotak Customer Care Number West Bengal

Kotak Customer Care Number Tamil Nadu

Kotak Customer Care Number Andhra Pradesh

Kotak Customer Care Number Rajasthan

Kotak Customer Care Number Himachal Pradesh

Kotak Customer Care Number Orissa

Kotak Customer Care Number Madhya Pradesh

Kotak Customer Care Number Chattisgarh

Kotak Customer Care Number Punjab

Kotak Customer Care Number Kerala

Kotak Customer Care Number Maharashtra

Kotak Customer Care Number Karnataka

Kotak Customer Care Number Goa

Kotak Customer Care Number Jammu Kashmir

Kotak Customer Care Number Haryana

Kotak Customer Care Number Gujarat

Kotak Customer Care Number Chennai

Kotak Customer Care Number Bihar

Kotak Customer Care Number Jharkhand

Kotak Customer Care Number Delhi

Kotak Customer Care Number Hyderabad

Kotak Customer Care Number Bangalore

Kotak Customer Care Number Assam

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