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51 Best Love Status for Whatsapp [ Funny Whatsapp Love status Quotes & Messages]

Whatsapp Love Status Quotes

WhatsApp is an instant messenger app of the smart phones working on the internet. This app is especially for people who like to share more things at an instance. Nowadays, we can’t see the smart phones without this app installed. WhatsApp users love to change their display picture called DP and also their status according to their mood and situations.  For that, they are searching on the net for the new quotes each and every day. Henceforth, I love to share you all, the best love quotes for your status, short love status message to your girlfriend or boyfriend to sound much better and attractive when read.

Love is the most beautiful thing to feel and to live with. It is a very new feel that makes you the best human being. And also the care of and for the others is the best thing in the world. So feel the love, stay in love and care for your special ones. Let’s have some quotes to express your love.


Whatsapp Latest love status Updates & Nice Love Quotes

I like to share with you, some of the latest and loveliest love status for WhatsApp to make it as your status to show, what you feel for them.

Love me or not, I will be there for you like ever.

My every beat is for you.

My love isn’t complete without you.

I am all yours and you are all mine.

I am selfish because I ever let you go.

Your smiling face makes me mad every time.

My love for you is like forever, spending it by your side.

Every time I see you, my heart skips a beat.

Trust me; I never leave your hand.


Love is just a word until I saw meaning in you.

The moment I saw you is the moment, I born again.

You may not be special for anyone but for me you are so special.

When I say I love you, I really mean it.

I Love my life because it gave you to me and you are my life.

I am definitely going to love another girl, she will be our daughter.

You are lucky; I make you see yourself through my eyes because you are so special to me.

I am perfect, because you are mine.

Making me happy is not a big task, when you are here.

I am going crazy every time when you look at me.

My heart is always for you. Will you allow the same?

Cute Whatsapp love status quotes & Messages

Here are some cute love status quotes for your loved ones for WhatsApp.

I am nothing without you, but something with you and everything when together we are.

Idiot, your memories make me to smile at once.

Believe me, I am not the annoying person, but my care for you is more.

Life makes sense when we are together.

Explaining the feel you made is harder, but you make me fall in love deeper every day.

Sometimes it is hard for me to find words to express my love for you that how much you mean to me.

When I think about you, my love for you is overflowing.

I am good at my decision when I proposed my love to you.

I feel self contented because of your love. Thanks for being the reason for my happiness.

All I want is your love forever. Will you help me out.

The first time I saw you, my heart whispered that’s the one.

Love is when someone’s happiness becomes your’s happiness.

Call me selfish, I never mind, but won’t like to share you with anyone.

I never want to tell you” I love You”  but to show you.

Stay in hands for a moment and in my heart forever.

I love making you happy in my own way, but no one else can.

I want to be the reason for every smile on your face.

I love to pause the moment, when I am with you.

Feel my love as I feel yours.

I want to be in love with you as always.

The day I smiled without a reason is the day I realized, I am in love with you.

You are not special for everyone, but for me you are the one.

I love to stay in your hands when I am Alive and in your hearts when I am done.

One day I will be with you, like what I wanted to be.

Fake love is the new trend, but you are not my fake love.

I do crazy things, to put a smile on your face.

You are the one to make me feel how much I love myself.

I think my love is fearless.

I agree, I am quite busy now, but it doesn’t mean, I don’t love you at all.

I can’t move on the day,without thinking about you.

True love story never ends as ours.

All I  need in this world is your love.

I think, god’s creative works for you suits you well, my beauty.

May be I am  the fool to live without air, but not without you.

The reason for my smile is you. Will you allow the same?

Your silence for my mistake really hurts me.

When I say I love you, I really mean it.

Funny Love Quotes for Whatsapp Status

I never need a Barbie girl, but a beautiful teddy bear like you.

Oh dear, don’t stay single, love me to mingle.

I see U and I to be so close, nowhere but in the keyword.

I love to be your shadow, but I know, I am little fatter than you.

I hope you all loved the short love quotes for whatsapp status update. And here, through this article, I am sure that I helped you much with the nice  and beautiful love quotes to attract or to express your love and care for your loved ones. Express your love with these nice love quotes and make them your’s forever. Share this love status in your WhatsApp and make them feel, how special they are to you.

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